Tyrannosaurus Oddities: Beyond Jaws and Claw

Tyrannosaurus Oddities: Beyond Jaws and Claw

When people think of Tyrannosaurus Rex, they often imagine terrifying teeth and claws, or maybe disproportionately small arms. But this dinosaur has many other features that may not be as dramatic, but are certainly just as interesting. 

Join paleontologist Dr. Walter Scott Persons IV for a virtual presentation about “Scotty,” the biggest and longest-lived tyrannosaurus skeleton ever discovered, who is now on display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. He will be speaking about some of the lesser-known T. rex features.

Dr. Persons was the lead paleontologist on an in-depth scientific inquiry into this unique fossil, and he has written a book about it, aimed at readers aged 8-12. Mega Rex: A Tyrannosaurus named Scotty is available now.

Tune into the presentation at 4:30pm CST on Tuesday, November 24, as part of the programming for Dinovember at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Details can be found on Facebook, and a link will be posted to this page a week ahead of time.  

More information about events during the month can be found at RoyalSaskMuseum.ca.