How to Order

Harbour distributes its own books as well as those of Nightwood Editions. Our titles are available from quality bookstores in Canada as well as online retailers.

Individuals can also purchase directly from us. (Our "Print on Demand" titles must be purchased through a bookstore.) Here is how you can place an order with us:

  • by telephone or email (see our contact information in the "Trade Customers" section below);
  • Online through this website (Canadian Customers only).

Shipping costs for online orders (Canada Only):
Shipping is $7.50 for orders valued at $20 and under, with an additional $2.00 per $20. Estimated delivery time is three to five days depending on destination.

When online orders contain a pre-ordered title, the entire order will be shipped once all items are available. 

Tax will be added to your total book and shipping costs.

Trade Customers

Trade customers may order our products from us or through our exclusive American and European distributors. Print on demand (POD) titles must be purchased from our POD supplier.

Harbour Publishing is represented to the trade in Canada by Ampersand Inc.

Canada & International (excluding U.S.A. & Europe)

Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd.
P.O. Box 219
Madeira Park, B.C.
V0N 2H0
Tel.: (604) 883-2730
Toll free order line: 1-800-667-2988
Toll free fax: 1-877-604-9449
E-mail: loretta@hpdm.ca

USA and Europe

Publishers Group West
To Order:
Submit orders to your sales representative
or via IPS Cart on ipage
Tel: 866-400-5351
Fax: 800-838-1149
E-mail: ips@ingramcontent.com
IPS SAN: 6318630

Print on Demand (POD) Titles

Ingram Book Company
Electronic Ordering: (800) 234-6737
Tel.: (800) 937-8000
Fax: (800) 876-0186
E-mail: orders@ingrambook.com