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Books for Getting Outside

Books for Getting Outside

Happy Summer! These Harbour Publishing reads will inspire your next great underwater experience, give you ideas for fun activities to get kids away from their screens, and provide indispensable information that will elevate your adventures in nature—from seaside ambles to forest walks to week-long backpacking trips.

 Whether you're searching for resort experience with a weekend of pampering or remote hidden pools, Hot Springs of Western Canada by David and Glenn Woodsworth is a comprehensive guide. Including roughly 115 hot spring locations across BC, Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and even close to the border in Washinton and Alaska, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect vacation plan to sit and relax in one of Canada’s most enjoyable attractions.


Roots, shoots, trees and berries! Outdoor educator Philippa Joly takes curious middle-graders through the wonderful world of plants in A Kid’s Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Kids will love the outdoor activities, games and quizzes included within, and will learn about the natural world—whether in the middle of the woods or in urban areas where parks, backyards and empty lots offer just as exciting opportunities to explore. 


For those close to the water, The Science and Superpowers of Seaweed by Amanda Swinimer is the perfect pairing for middle-grade aspiring naturalists. Learn about the wonderful, watery world of seaweed both in the water and out of it (as nori crisps, squirt guns, or even art supplies!). Packed with activities to get you and your kids out exploring your local beaches, you can also learn how to sustainably harvest and use seaweed, and impress your peers with unique marine plants and animal facts.


For older beach enthusiasts, consider picking up a copy of The New Beachcomber’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest by J. Duane Sept. This handy guide takes you through identifying sponges, clams, snails, crabs, sea stars, sea anemones, jellies, fishes, seaweeds and more. Take it with you to the beaches of British Columbia, Washinton, Oregon, Northern California or even Southeast Alaska. You can also rest assured you’re exploring safely with additional information on tides and habitats to assist in watching without harming the creatures. Perfect to slip into a beach bag for the intrepid family.


Heading to Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands this summer? When you get tired of sitting on the beach, Sara Ellison has the perfect solution with Snorkelling Adventures around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, a guide to the colourful and diverse marine life waiting under the waves. Learn to identify nudibranchs, rainbow-hued anemones, dozens of sea stars and other nautical wonders while staying safe (and warm!) in these unique waters. Whether you’re going with kids or just yourself, and are a total beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s much to learn and enjoy across over fifty destinations included—with instructions on how to get to each one, what you might expect to see, and how to make the most out of every experience.


For the avid hiker looking to add a Vancouver Island iconic destination to their roster, Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail by Maria I. Bremner is your one-stop guide to the popular trail. Part trail map, part field guide, and part regional history, this guide will take you all the way through 115 kilometres of wave and weather-beaten coastline, encompassing every dramatic element of Pacific Northwest geography. Explore sandy beaches, protected coves, and inland conifers, ferns, salal and beds of moss. 


For those still looking for their sunny summer plan, Harbour Publishing has a line of handy to-go field guides perfect for the hiker, backpacker, or beach bagger. Identify pebbles, edible mushrooms of the pacific Northwest, Insects, Crabs, Sea Stars, Common Fishes, Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains, or even learn to forage for wild greens and flowers, berries and fruits, seaweed, and medicinal wild plants. Whatever your outdoor adventures look like this summer, we have you covered with these lightweight and waterproof guides.