Harbour’s Fall Preview Part Two

Harbour’s Fall Preview Part Two

We’re back with more information about the fiction, poetry and Nightwood books being released this fall!

Sam Wiebe adds to his gripping Wakeland detective series with a new thriller, Hell and Gone. Set in Vancouver’s criminal underworld, detective Dave Wakeland and his partner, Jeff Chen, are caught up in a murder mystery filled with motorcycle gangs, secretive millionaires and nefarious security companies that makes for an exciting read.

Harbour’s fall list also incorporates poetry, including Answer to Blue by acclaimed author Russell Thornton. Readers of his work will recognize that this new volume builds on the themes developed in his previous books, Birds, Metals, Stones & Rain and The Broken Face, exploring the literal terrain of place, travel and the elements, as well as the imaginative terrain of myths and dreams.

In On Her Own Terms, Carolyn Gammon writes a moving, lyrical account of what it’s like to watch her mother lose her memory. Turning her experience into poetry, she is able to find warmth, happiness and love despite the pain of forgetting, and reminds us that when memory falters, life does not end. 

Nightwood Editions presents a diverse collection of titles by powerful emerging and established writers including poetry, fiction, non-fiction and more!

In Standoff, Bruce McIvor, one of Canada’s most esteemed experts in Aboriginal law, examines the issues regarding the Canadian government’s Truth and Reconciliation project with Indigenous peoples in Canada, revealing its failures and proposing practical solutions for the future. Conor Kerr explores Indigeneity in a different context, traversing intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, whitewashing and relationships with knowledge keepers in his short story collection Avenue of Champions.

Nightwood is publishing four works of poetry this fall--the first being Matt Rader’s Ghosthawk, which looks at dichotomies, contrast and spectrums in subjects such as terminality, mortality, home, permanence and transience. Next up is Chris Banks sixth poetry collection, Deepfake Serenade, where irreverent charm, emotional distance and surprising hot takes leap off every page. Lastly, Isabella Wang and Ellie Sawatzky are both releasing highly anticipated debut collections this fall. Wang’s Pebble Swing focuses on the audible dimension of language, playing with sounds and syllables to trace her genealogy and probe her identity as a first-generation Chinese immigrant. And in None of This Belongs to Me, Sawatzky plots a young woman’s coming of age in a time of environmental socio-economic peril.

Finally, Gwen Sjogren is releasing the 22nd instalment of the beloved O Canada Crosswords series, filled with new clues testing your knowledge on national pride, music, geography and much more Canadian trivia.

You don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on a copy of any of the above titles. These books can be pre-ordered from your favourite bookstore or straight from our website. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our events calendar for details on exciting events, workshops, and readings with your favourite authors! We always love to hear from you, so say hello and join a conversation about indie books on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.