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Graeme Truelove Shortlisted for the Ottawa Book Awards

Graeme Truelove Shortlisted for the Ottawa Book Awards

The City of Ottawa has announced its finalists for the 2020 Ottawa Book Awards, and Nightwood Editions' Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North, by Graeme Truelove, has been shortlisted in the English Non-Fiction category.

Un-Canadian is a provocative warning to Canadians that the values they cherish are being eroded through a disturbing pattern of political, legal and social prejudice directed towards Muslims.This readable book recounts vicious hate crimes and police harassment of innocent individuals, and compares the frenzied response from the media, politicians and the justice system when an accused criminal is a Muslim to the muted equivocations when they are not.

Graeme Truelove authored the critically acclaimed biography Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics, which was shortlisted for a BC Book Prize. He has worked on Parliament Hill since 2001 and lives in Ottawa with his wife and daughter.

The Ottawa Book Awards recognize the top English and French books published in the past year by 15 local authors in the categories of English Fiction, English Non-Fiction and French Fiction, exemplifying Ottawa’s rich literary talent. The winners will be announced at a virtual awards ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday, October 21 at 6 p.m. EST.