Beth Zaiken

Beth Zaiken is an artist and illustrator specializing in natural science communication. She has over a decade of experience creating large-scale murals, dioramas and reconstructions of modern and prehistoric animals in both traditional and digital media. She is a principal ar tist and the lead muralist for Blue Rhino Studio and her work can be seen in such institutions as the Panama Biomuseo, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait, the Royal Alberta Museum, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Chicago’s Field Museum, Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum, the San Diego Zoo, the New York State Museum and the Minnesota Zoo. Her work has also appeared in National Park Service publications. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mega Rex : A Tyrannosaurus Named Scotty
Mega Rex : A Tyrannosaurus Named Scotty

Mega Rex: A Tyrannosaurus Named Scotty

By Beth Zaiken, Children's, W. Scott Persons