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Cultivate Plant Literacy

Get outside with that budding nature enthusiast and discover the profusion of plants growing throughout the Pacific Northwest, both inland and along the shore. These unique field guides feature colorful plant profiles, harvesting tips, fun facts and applications alongside quizzes, games and recipes—an accessible and enjoyable way to become plant literate.


The Science and Superpowers of Seaweed Book Cover
In The Science and Superpowers of Seaweed: A Guide for Kids, marine biologist Amanda Swinimer introduces readers to the enchanting world of seaweed where bull kelp grows a foot a day and rainbow seaweed shimmers like gemstones. Kids will also learn how critical seaweed are to the health of the planet, as well as how we can use seaweed to improve our own personal health since they’re full of vitamins and have more minerals than any other food. Featuring seaweeds from both Atlantic and Pacific oceans, this book will inspire curious beachcombers of all ages.
A Kid's Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest
In A Kid’s Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest: with Cool Facts, Activities and Recipes, Philippa Joly draws on her years of experience as a herbalist and outdoor educator to illustrate more than fifty plant profiles. Full of information and fun, this identification guide will equip readers of all ages to look at wild plants through a more discerning lens.

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