Attention Booksellers! Enter to Win!

Attention Booksellers! Enter to Win!

The First West Coast Book series has recently welcomed a fifth book to the set, A is for Anemone: A First West Coast Alphabet, which is another vibrant collaboration between artist Roy Henry Vickers and his co-author Robert Budd. The First West Coast Book series now includes:

With bright and bold illustrations of the wild and magical West Coast by celebrated artist Roy Henry Vickers, these sturdy board books are a delight for babies and toddlers as they begin to experience and recognize the sights and sounds of the natural world…

A is for Anemone introduces the alphabet using iconic imagery of the West Coast, starting with colourful sea anemones waving in the ocean current, and closing with a snoozing grizzly bear (Zzz).

Raven Squawk, Orca Squeak introduces iconic sounds of the West Coast and supports the language development of babies and toddlers, from the crackle of a beach campfire to the swoosh of canoe paddles.

Sockeye Silver, Saltchuck Blue showcases the colours of the Pacific Northwest, including the misty grey rain of winter, the vibrant purple of sea stars, the jewel red tones of a summer sunset and the shimmering silver scales of a sockeye salmon. 

One Eagle Soaring, a “first numbers” book, explores counting and numbers with the help of West Coast animals.

Hello Humpback!, a "first words" book, introduces iconic West Coast animals, from hungry sea otters to hopping orcas.

“Graceful, well-constructed rhymes (“Hello humpback/ ocean blue/ chatty raven/ mountain view”) pair with First Nations artist Vickers’s crisp, luminous scenes, with animals drawn in the bold, abstracted style of the region’s indigenous artists. ...It’s a gorgeous glimpse of the distinctive landscapes and creatures of the Northwest, and it will enchant residents and nonlocals alike.” –Publishers Weekly

Email with your store name and address to enter into a draw for one of five sets of the beloved First West Coast Book series, along with a special bookstore display poster! * Enter by September 30, 2021.

*Contest is open to independent retail accounts only in Canada and the US. Canadian accounts must be in good standing and US stores must have an account with Ingram Content Group (Publishers Group West) to enter. One entry per store.