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A Nightwood Editions title, distributed by Harbour Publishing

ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-243-0
ISBN 10: 0-88971-243-3
5.5 x 8.0 - 72 pp
September 2009
CAD$17.95 • USD$17.95


Windstorm is a book you lean into; its combination of passion for subject matter and hard-earned craft is almost enough to bowl a reader over.
-Winnipeg Free Press

Book Description

Windstorm is a passport to the place where chaos and form meet; Denham's timeless ethereal gaze is rooted in the mastery of poetic forms such as the sonnet and Dante's terza rima. These quiet, forceful poems explore heaven, earth and sea with arresting images, ideas and words. Like the wind, Denham's poetry has the power to move.

in the windsong. This is no translation,
this long-line tow trawling the abyssal
silt, oceanic-soul, in the low opaline
light sifting down through fire’s alburnum.

—excerpt, Windstorm