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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-386-4
ISBN 10: 1-55017-386-3
Colour photos, illustrations, maps
5.5 x 8.5 - 168 pp
June 2006
CAD$21.95 • USD$21.95

Wilderness on the Doorstep

Discovering Nature in Stanley Park
A guidebook for new people and life-time locals visiting Stanley Park

Book Description

Stanley Park is the third largest urban park in North America, with over eight million people passing through it each year. And for good reason—it's a spectacular oasis of nature just steps from the busy downtown streets and sidewalks of Vancouver, BC. Visitors can enjoy majestic cedar and fir trees and wild native plants as well as scenic beaches and beautifully cultivated gardens.

Venture into the park and before long you will encounter a raccoon or other small animal ambling across the grass or catch sight of ducks and Canada geese gliding on the lagoon. Great blue herons, though classified provincially as a "species at risk," are a fairly common sight. Stanley Park offers a number of different habitats—from evergreen forest to marshy wetland to rocky seashore—and they are all teeming with an amazing variety of wildlife. Those with patience and a bit of luck will glimpse rare animals like the pileated woodpecker and northern flying squirrel, or hidden treasures like wildflowers and tiny insects.

Wilderness on the Doorstep is a book for everyone who wants to know more about the natural life in Stanley Park, particularly those new to this spectacular destination. The first part of the book, "Nature Excursions in the Park," familiarizes readers with the best places to go to discover nature. Even those who have visited Stanley Park many times are sure to discover something new. The second section, "Focusing on the Natural Life," describes local plants (including fungi) and animals, with chapters such as "Forest Vegetation" and "Intertidal Marine Life."

Most of the animals and plants in Stanley Park are found throughout the Lower Mainland, so this book can also be used for extended study. With detailed descriptions, stories, photos, maps, artwork and colour photography by local naturalists, Wilderness on the Doorstep serves as both a fascinating guidebook and treasured souvenir for park visitors.