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ISBN 13: 978-0-920080-76-4
ISBN 10: 0-920080-76-6
illustrations throughout
7 x 9 - 56 pp
CAD$5.95 • USD$5.95

What Are Uncles For?

by John Lane, illustrated by Jeremy Twigg & Silas White
When 40-year-old novelist John Lane went to spend a lazy summer up the trail behind his brother's house in Pender Harbour, he found himself adopted by his four-year-old nephew Michael.

Book Description

Through Michael's eyes he could see the familiar world reflected as a fantastic, often hilariously distorted place, and fortunately he had the time and sensitivity to capture the magic of these childhood perceptions in a heartwarming series of poems. Illustrated in kindred spirit by two small boys, What Are Uncles For? will prove equally entertaining for uncles, aunts, parents - and children.