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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-663-6
ISBN 10: 1-55017-663-3
14 x 11 - 128 pp
October 2014
CAD$49.95 • USD$49.95

Vancouver Light

Visions of a City
by David Nunuk, photos by David Nunuk

Book Description

Setting out to photograph Vancouver is a daunting challenge for any photographer, even one as accomplished as David Nunuk. Its world-renowned viewscapes have been recorded so many times by so many great artists in film and paint that some avoid the challenge by seeking out side streets and producing works in a minor key. But Nunuk faces the Vancouver challenge head on. In Vancouver Light his bold plan was to revisit all the classic Vancouver views—the ever changing downtown core, the eternally graceful Lions Gate Bridge, the scintillating waters of English Bay, the snow-clad barrier of the North Shore mountains—and capture their magnificence more completely than anyone has ever done before. As this breathtaking collection shows, he has brilliantly succeeded and reaffirms his city’s reputation as one of the most stunningly beautiful urban centres on earth.

As readers turn pages showing the cityscape mirrored in the still water of Coal Harbour, a dusting of cherry blossoms bestowing their grace on a line of parked cars and a North Shore panorama glowing as if fashioned from molten gold, they can only gaze in wonder and ask, “How on earth did he get that?” It helps that Vancouver is Nunuk’s hometown and he has the privilege of studying its changing face through every season and mood, patiently stalking the moment when light and colour juxtapose perfectly. The book is a treasury of visual epiphanies that every Vancouverite will want to keep as a reminder of why they live there, and everyone else will want to compensate for the fact they don’t.

Printed in an oversize 11" × 14" format on deluxe coated stock, Vancouver Light contains over 100 full colour gallery-quality images spanning the Greater Vancouver region from Howe Sound to the Fraser River. Truly it may be said Vancouver’s contrasts and beauty have inspired many photo collections but none like Nunuk’s.