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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-083-2
ISBN 10: 1-55017-083-X
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6 x 9 - 200 pp
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The Raven's Tale

by C.W. Nicol, illustrated by Germaine Arnaktauyok
A Japanese bestseller.

Book Description

This tale of surviving an Arctic winter, true to the ecology and mythology of the North, is told by the creatures who live there. The story opens when Gon, the old raven and the main storyteller, happens upon a potential meal: a young fox caught in a leg-hold trap. But the fox chews off his own front paw, escapes, and ends up forming an unlikely friendship with a wolf Who has been wounded by a ferocious flying beast with huge black feet (an aircraft).

Together they set off to find the Great Trudger (the polar bear), and during their joyous and terrible adventure they meet other denizens of the Arctic - birds, hares, walruses, caribou, musk oxen - all of whom tell their own stories in their own words as winter unfolds in the frozen North. The old raven, who will ultimately know every one of them, watches over them as touchstone, storyteller, mythmaker.

The Raven's Tale is based on C. W. Nicol's extensive work in the Arctic and his lifetime dedication to wildlife conservation.

In addition to being a bestseller in Japan, the book was translated into Inuktitut for 1993 publication.