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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-578-3
ISBN 10: 1-55017-578-5
300+ colour photographs
8 x 10 - 192 pp
May 2012
CAD$26.95 • USD$26.95

The Northern Gardener

Perennials That Survive and Thrive
In Canada’s northern gardens, it is survival of the fittest. Arm yourself with this book’s invaluable advice.

Book Description

This can be challenging gardening, replete with hot, dry summers and freezing winters, acidic soils, moose, mice, bears and bugs. Rather than fighting nature by trying to raise plants unsuited for a northern climate, master gardener Barbara Rayment, who has grown—and in some cases killed—nearly all of the plants in this book, helps readers get maximum results with minimum effort by selecting the right plants for their conditions. There are literally thousands of beautiful, interesting and garden-worthy perennials perfectly suited to northern conditions. Rayment moves beyond zone ratings, categorizing plants by habitat type and offering pragmatic advice on topics like watering, soil and beneficial insects, to address common frustrations associated with cold-climate gardening. From Acantholimon to Xanthorrhoeaceae, this book includes hundreds of hardy perennials, including many native plants, accompanied by hundreds of beautiful colour photographs. While glossy gardening books from warmer climates abound, the perennials described here really do thrive in zones 2 to 4, making this an indispensable reference for novice and expert northern gardeners alike.