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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-147-1
ISBN 10: 1-55017-147-X
165 colour photographs
9 x 12 - 200 pp
CAD$39.95 • USD$39.95

The Fraser River

photos by Rick Blacklaws, text by Alan Haig-Brown
Winner of the Roderick Haig-Brown BC Book Prize

Book Description

MAGNIFICENT, EXHILARATING AND TREACHEROUS, the Fraser is one of the world's great rivers. In this spectacular full-colour book, Alan Haig-Brown and Rick Blacklaws share their longtime fascination with all 850 miles of the largest salmon-spawning river on earth, the longest and most powerful undarnmed river in North America, and one of British Columbia's most breathtakingly beautiful scenic wonders. From northeast BC, where the river is a clear mountain stream running quietly below Mt. Robson, to the dry belt where the Fraser slows to a tame trickle you can jump over, to the ferocious torrents of the world-renowned Canyon, to the fertile farms and urban sprawl of the Fraser Valley, Haig-Brown and Blacklaws document the wildlife and landforms of the Fraser system, as well as the full spectrum of vigorous human life on the river-the mills and marinas, ocean liners and gillnetters, houseboats and fish wheels that are home to more than half of BC's population.

The Fraser River is a gorgeous, inspiring portrait of a mighty river - a vast, complex organism as magical and mysterious as a human body, a system fed by hundreds of streams, lakes, marshes and springs which in turn support many life forms, above all a living river whose future must be safeguarded.