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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-793-0
ISBN 10: 1-55017-793-1
340 colour cartoons
8 x 8 - 128 pp
April 2017
CAD$12.95 • USD$12.95

Tails Don't Lie 2

A Pack of Dog Cartoons
by Adrian Raeside, illustrated by Adrian Raeside

A new collection of the best dog cartoons from bestselling author and avowed dog-person, Adrian Raeside.

Book Description

A dogís tail is incredibly versatile. They use them to communicate everything from the furious, full-body wiggling ďIím so happy to see you I could burst!Ē to the tucked-under-the-bum ďN-O-O-O! Is that the vetís office weíre pulling up to?Ē They also keep noses warm on cold nights and conveniently sweep food off coffee tables.

Tails Donít Lie 2 is Adrian Raesideís hilarious follow-up to the bestselling Tails Donít Lie (Harbour Publishing, 2013), collecting even more of his favourite cartoons featuring our four-legged hairy scroungers. This new volume explores important canine traits like why dogs covet the driverís seat, what would happen if dogs went on space missions (do aliens have dogs?), the humiliation of tail docking, the immense importance of trees to a dog, and the eternal question of why squirrel-chasing isnít included in dog agility courses.

Containing 340 full-colour cartoons, Tails Donít Lie 2 offers a unique window into the mind of the family pet that will have readers howling.