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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-131-0
ISBN 10: 1-55017-131-3
over 100 colour photos
8.5 x 11 - 96 pp
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Strange Sites

Uncommon Homes & Gardens of the Pacific Northwest
"It is impossible to stamp out eccentricity or artistically bizarre behavior. There will always be free spirits to defy neighbours, the trends, and the powers-that-be Their work may become the less visible, but it will continue to inspire the rest of us."

Book Description

There is only one human impulse as old as the desire to build a house - the desire to decorate it.

From a house made entirely of embalming fluid bottles created by an ex-undertaker, to a miniature backyard Dodge City built by a devoted "Gunsmoke" fan, to a junk castle assembled from old bedsteads, metal fans, and washing machine parts for a fine arts doctoral project - these are some of the uncommon homes and gardens found throughout western Canada and the United States.

Meet some of the people who created these weird but magnificent places: Tim Anderson, from Roundup, Montana, who erects his graceful pillars and whirligigs from scrap iron and is said to be directed by visions; Rasmus Petersen, of Redmond, Oregon, who immigrated from Denmark in 1906 to clear 300 acres of rock and forest and created an extensive rock garden with the by-product of his labours; and John Keziere, who hails from Esquimalt, BC, a former whaler and merchant marine who modelled his garage on Davey Jones' locker.

This exuberantly illustrated book is a tribute to men and women in Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington and the Yukon who have created domestic monuments that are out on the margins. Strange Sites: Uncommon Homes and Gardens of the Pacific Northwest celebrates the creative spirit in us all, the spirit that defies the trends, the neighbours and the building codes to construct unique, joyous and very strange sites.