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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-247-8
ISBN 10: 1-55017-247-6
5.25 x 8 - 240 pp
February 2002
CAD$14.95 • USD$14.95

Starbuck Valley Winter

"The type of book of which there are too few...will stir the imagination of any youngster who is not content with a humdrum life."
-Junior Bookshelf

Book Description

Another west coast classic is back in print with Harbour Publishing! In this prequel to the bestselling Saltwater Summer, renowned outdoor author Roderick Haig-Brown writes about two boys on the verge of manhood and their attempts to make their own living.

Don Morgan is sixteen and ready to earn his keep. His family expects him to take a job at the local fish cannery but Don thinks that if he spends the winter up in Starbuck Valley trapping marten, he could make enough money with the furs to buy his own salmon troller.

With his friend Tubby Miller, Don goes up into the wild, unexplored valley of the Shifting River to set out his trapline. The boys' cabin is gloomy, the trapping is poor and Tubby's pleasant disposition begins to sour. Things don't improve when Don begins to cultivate the friendship of their nearest neighbour, a notorious character named Lee Jetson. Lee knows how to trap marten and that is important to Don - he is willing to take chances to ensure the success of the winter's venture in spite of Tubby's obvious and irritating alarm.

With astute observation, Roderick Haig-Brown shows how Don's courage is tested and how his strength and judgement develop. This book combines a skilful novelist's storytelling gifts with a sensitive insight into the problems and point of view of a boy on the threshold of maturity.