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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-470-0
ISBN 10: 1-55017-470-3
Audio CD
5.5 x 5
May 2009
CAD$18.95 • USD$18.95

Planet Salt Spring

Audio book on CD!

Book Description

Live! From Planet Salt Spring . . . it's Arthur Black, the voice you've longed to hear once more! In this first-time audio book format Black shares tales from that sphere on the outer limits he calls his home, Salt Spring Island, BC.

In this humorous collection of stories from across the water where the hitchhikers are a cut above average, Black offers insight into the proper etiquette of the Gulf Island hug and offers tips for aspiring bank robbers on islands that have extremely limited getaway options. Black campaigns for a vote recount when the deserving and beloved local, Palu Rainbowsong, is shut out of Canada's Ultimate Hippie Contest, and offers an elegy to Fritz, the local movie theatre’s resident cat. From his preference for canoes over kayaks for both salvage space and lovemaking, to the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Rally where he rides on his motor scooter wearing sandals with socks, Black's down-to-earth and comical reflections are an escape into island life . . . or an alien encounter from Planet Salt Spring.