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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-120-4
ISBN 10: 1-55017-120-8
6 x 9 - 326 pp
CAD$24.95 • USD$24.95

Old and Smart

Women and the Adventure of Aging
"Let me proceed to praise this contribution from Canada. The author's likeable exuberance shines through." -Ms. Magazine
"An excellent book for women of all ages. Just romping through the chapter headings is a blast!" -Senior News Monthly

Book Description

Betty Nickerson, writer, sociologist, curator and TV producer - now in her mid-seventies - knows that when it comes to aging, you just can't believe anyone under 60.

She has spent decades talking to ageful women at bus stops, checkout counters, doctor's offices, rallies, meetings and funerals. And she knows that her Age Mates are not little old ladies, but women with enormous energy to give to the future of the world.

From Nickerson's formal and informal studies and her many workshops and presentations on aging comes Old and Smart - a recipe for aging freely and joyfully. The author explores the mystery of aging, past and present, and deals specifically with the interests, needs, and shared experiences of today's mature women. She speaks frankly about children, health, drugs, grief, memory loss, money, spirtuality, sex and much more. Many personal stories are also woven in, and there are special sections like "House Rules for Husbands" and "100 Things to Do That Don't Cost Money."

Old and Smart is a much needed examination of aging in our culture. Contrary to our accepted myths and suppositions, Nickerson turns aging into an adventure filled with possibilities - a state of being to be accepted, not denied.