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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-273-7
ISBN 10: 1-55017-273-5
120 full colour photos
14 x 11 - 120 pp
November 2003
CAD$49.95 • USD$49.95

Natural Light

Visions of British Columbia
by David Nunuk, photos by David Nunuk

Book Description

From frosted mountain peaks to the low-lying farmlands of the Fraser Valley, from the Sahara-like sand dunes of Farwell Canyon to the dripping, moss-bedecked rainforests of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia is a province of startling contrasts. Its beauty has inspired many photo collections, but none quite like David Nunuk’s.

Natural Light is a spectacular, jaw-dropping collection of Nunuk’s best photographs of British Columbia in all its moods, accompanied by his often wry observations about the settings and his unorthodox methods of capturing them. In the tradition of Wade Davis, Nunuk writes about his experience hiking into an area, planning a shot and digging in patiently until the light and weather co-operate to make the perfect picture. He becomes intimate with the subtle variants in a landscape over an hour, a day, a month or a minute before he captures the images with his camera. His pictures are composed with a naturalist’s eye for scientific detail and an outdoorsman’s affection and respect for nature.

From the warm Mediterranean tones of an Okanagan vineyard to the crystalline twinkle of an ice cave, the striking radiance of Natural Light makes this luxuriously produced, oversize coffee-table book the perfect gift for lovers of outdoor photography, naturalists, armchair travellers or anyone who wants to see BC in a dramatic new--and entirely natural--light.