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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-213-3
ISBN 10: 1-55017-213-1
150+ colour photographs
8.5 x 10.3 - 120 pp
CAD$36.95 • USD$36.95

Mountains of the Coast

Photographs of Remote Corners of the Coast Mountains
by John Baldwin, photos by John Baldwin
Shortlisted for the Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice Award for British Columbia's best book in 1999.
Winner: BC 2000 Book Award (2000)
Short-listed: Bill Duthie Bookseller's Choice Award (1999)

Book Description

Along British Columbia's western edge from the Alaska panhandle to Vancouver stretches a vast alpine wilderness that ranks as one of the largest and least known on earth. Hidden in the mists beyond the heads of long, dark inlets, this sea of mountains is so isolated that hundreds of major peaks remain unnamed and much of the territory was unexplored until the closing decades of the twentieth century. Vancouver mountaineer John Baldwin, often teamed with his fellow climber John Clarke, has spent twenty-five years exploring and photographing this measureless wilderness, registering an incredible 250-plus first ascents and pioneering some epic ski traverses in the process.

Together, Baldwin, Clarke and their teams have carried out a program of dicovery that has few parallels in the history of mountaineering, and Mountains of the Coast allows the public to share the high points of their astounding experience for the first time.

Here are accounts of sudden blizzards, rumbling glaciers and month-long ski traverses over crevasse-mined icefields, side by side with peaceful scenes of alpine flowers and unexpected encounters with mountain goats and grizzly bears.
Baldwin describes the careful planning that goes into each expedition, the special freindships that develop among dedicated climbers, and the thrill of being the first human beings ever to set foot on a remote mountain peak.

Most memorable, Mountains of the Coast unveils the severe beauty of these wild places, revealing page after page of unimaginably spectacular landscapes, many of which have never before been recorded on film. Mountains of the Coast is a breathtaking journey into an unknown world that will appeal to mountain climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and armchair explorers alike.