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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-254-6
ISBN 10: 1-55017-254-9
full colour, waterproof paper
5.5 x 9 - 8 pp
June 2001
CAD$9.95 • USD$7.95

Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest

including Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Southern Alaska
Convenient, concise and waterproof, Marine Mammals of the British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest is the only guide you'll need when you head out onto the open ocean for cruising, kayaking or whale watching.

Book Description

The Pacific Ocean off the west coast of North America - ranging from the south coast of Alaska to the Equator - encompasses many marine environments, from warm tropics to cold temperate waters, and from the shallow continental shelf to deep ocean canyons. A diverse number of marine mammals have adapted characteristics to survive and prosper in each of these environments. Beaked and sperm whales spend their time in the deep ocean. Most dolphin species favour warmer waters, while a few prefer cooler climes. Porpoises avoid the tropics altogether. Harbour seals stay near the temperate coast, as do sea otters.

Marine Mammals of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest depicts all fifty species of living marine mammals known to inhabit these waters, including the smallest (the sea otter, from the order Carnivora) and the largest (the blue whale, from the Mysticeti suborder of Cetacea). Here, featured in beautiful, full colour illustrations and photos, are all the whales you are likely to see in BC and the Pacific Northwest - from humpbacks, greysand orcas, to bottlenose dolphins and Dall's porpoises - as well as sea lions and five species of seals. This three-fold handy pocket guide also includes a habitat key, identification tips, marine mammal-watching guidelines and an illustrated glossary of common visible behaviours of marine mammals in the wild.

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