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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-448-9
ISBN 10: 1-55017-448-7
50 B&W and Colour Photos
6 x 9 - 304 pp
October 2007
CAD$32.95 • USD$32.95

Goin' Deep

The Life and Times of a CFL Quarterback
The gritty biography of Matt Dunigan's CFL quarterback career.

Book Description

"Put aside the fact that it ended my playing career, punched holes in my memory and put life as I knew it on indefinite hold, it wasn't that tough a hit."

Thus begins Goin' Deep, Matt Dunigan's gritty, often startling memoir of his 14-year journey as a Canadian Football League quarterback, a career brought to a shattering halt on an afternoon in Hamilton in 1996 in a game he still cannot remember. It is a story that takes readers where football fans cannot go—down the stadium runway into the dressing rooms—where injury is a fact of life, injections can put agony on temporary hold, and the tough-minded live by the credo that "Pain is mind over matter. If you don't mind the pain, it doesn't matter."

But Goin' Deep is more than a football story. The concussion suffered in that game against the BC Lions marked the end of Dunigan's brilliant Hall of Fame career in the no-quarter world of professional football—and the beginning of another journey still in progress, where some days start third-and-long and memories can be shrouded in a drifting, frustrating fog that may or may not clear.

"You play the hand you're dealt," he says. "There are good days and bad days. Sometimes putting sentences together can be a struggle. Some days Kathy will say 'Remember when such-and-such,' and I can't. But these are my cards, and I'll play 'em." The way he's played and continues to play them as a TSN football CFL analyst makes Goin' Deep a riveting, heart-warming read.