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ISBN 13: 978-1-896758-05-3
ISBN 10: 1-896758-05-3
11 x 8.5 - 134 pp
CAD$14.95 • USD$14.95

Eyes of the Husky

Skookum's Penetrating Insights Into the Hearts & Minds of Northerners
Learn the truth about how Northerners live!

Book Description

In his new collection of unique northern comic strips, cartoonist Doug Urquhart presents five years worth of arctic wisdom - from views on life in "The Bush" to bewildering encounters with tourists, bureaucrats and scientists.

A sequel to Skookum's North, published in 1994, this new volume collects the weekly comic strip into one handy "keeper." This time Doug tells us about his cartooning and provides background to the incidents behind the strips.

Since 1983, the "PAWS" comic strip has appeared as a regular feature in 34 northern newspapers - from Lynn Lake, Manitoba to Dutch Harbour, Alaska. It keeps northern people amused and helps Outsiders learn something about what makes us tick.