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ISBN 13: 978-0-920080-89-4
ISBN 10: 0-920080-89-8
5.5 x 8.5 - 160 pp
September 1986
CAD$21.95 • USD$21.95


Mythology of the Northwest Coast
Over 15,000 copies sold! A collection ranging from humourous tales of Raven the trickster and glutton to the Salish myth of creation.

Book Description

The world is full of magic.
It's everywhere ...

"When I was eight or nine - or maybe ten or eleven - I don't remember for sure now, Klopinum would share her stories with me."

And thus it begins, the long-awaited successor to Anne Cameron's ground-breaking Daughters of Copper Woman. Magic in many incarnations - mischievous, terrifying, benevolent, erotic-suffuses the pages of this extraordinary collection, from the humourous tales of the trickster Raven through the feminist fable of the bearded woman to the myth of the lazy boy who was reared by whales and saved the world, climaxing with the epic story of the mythical superwoman Dzelarhons - First Mother, Frog Mother, Weeping Woman, guardian and teacher of her people.

Praise for Daughters of Copper Woman:
"... an enchanting, uplifting revelation."
-Ottawa Citizen

". . . startling mix of the exotic, the repellent, and the fantastic ... a unique book, a work thick with substance and extraordinary life."
-Vancouver Sun

"... the underlying vision, though tender, has the thrust and the strength of steel."
-Quill & Quire