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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-469-4
ISBN 10: 1-55017-469-X
8 x 10 - 128 pp
March 2009
CAD$9.95 • USD$9.95

Cross-Canada Crosswords 6

50 Themed Puzzles for Canadian Crossword Connoisseurs
For those who like their crosswords Canadian, this series delivers an all-new edition packed full of Great White Northern places, characters and things.

Book Description

Sjogren taps into some of her favourite themes including pop
culture, geography and showbiz, and debuts new topics like acronyms,currency and journalism.

Savvy solvers will greet our nation’s most beloved fictional
heroine, meet the hilarious host of a famous game show and feast on some tasty Canadian confections. They’ll fly high if they know Canada’s first female astronaut and hit the nail on the head if they can name the last spike site and TV’s colourful, clutzy handyman.

Sjogren is a firm believer in the “brain gym” benefits of crosswords—here are a few titles in this collection of 50 fun-filled,crossword challenges sure to keep Canadians’ minds sharp:

First Names in TV News
Winning Women in Lit
Land O’Lakes
A Tree Grows in Ontario
Destination: Edmonton
Aforementioned Canadians
Wear Canadian
Canadian Southpaws
Leading Ladies
Canada at the Oscars