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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-605-6
ISBN 10: 1-55017-605-6
112 colour photographs
37 x 9
May 2013
CAD$7.95 • USD$7.95

A Field Guide to Birds of the Pacific Northwest

by Tony Greenfield, photos by Penny Hall

Book Description

Do you know a tanager from a towhee? A goatsucker from a grosbeak? Here, after much demand, is a waterproof, portable 8-fold guide featuring 112 photos of the common birds found in coastal areas of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. Each species is labelled with common name, size, distribution range and favoured habitat. This full-colour pamphlet is useful to anyone who has an interest in taking up birdwatching, or just wants to figure out what's flitting about the birdfeeder.

Tony Greenfield is a founding member and past president of the BC Field Ornithologists and operates Whiskeyjack Nature Tours, offering excursions from Panama to the Yukon. Greenfield's previous publications include Waterfalls of British Columbia: A Guide to BCs 100 Best Falls (Harbour Publishing, 2009).