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ISBN 13: 978-0-9694612-0-3
ISBN 10: 0-9694612-0-8
Black & White photos and Illustrations
10.5 x 15 - 156 pp
January 1991
CAD$9.95 • USD$9.95

Another Lost Whole Moose Catalogue

compiled by Lost Moose
This northern bestseller is a popular gift item and a "must have" for every cabin in the North! It's all about the traditional Yukon bush lifestyle, from people who live here. More than 200 Yukoners contributed photos, stories and how-to articles about surviving in this unique part of the world. Part sourcebook, part almanac, part guidebook and part storybook, the only book in print that tells you what life is like in the Yukon today

Book Description

In a roundabout way, the Lost Whole Moose has come to represent the exploration of all that is really enjoyable about living in the Yukon—it’s delights and challenges as well as its hardships. The Lost Moose is really a kind of quest, and includes the discoveries that people make along the way. It is the search for the perfect northern lifestyle. As legend has it, the search takes people down many paths. Some have been here seemingly forever. Others start by spending just a winter, learning to deal with the cold and heating with wood. They may become fascinated with the northern lights, find enjoyment in going for walks at 40 below and start thinking about building a place of their own someday. Then it’s the summertime exploration of rivers and forest, reveling ‘neath the midnight sun, trying to get a piece of land and learning about land claims and politics. Along the way learning bush crafts and skills needed to cope with town life. As the revelations continue, people are exposed to the many styles of life which are available in this land, including the relaxed practice of horizontal living. As horizontalists, whether full-time, part-time or just sometimes, they learn to enjoy a state of bliss with this life and this land.

Experience (and legend) tells us this land is not for everyone; many people arrive and many leave. But for those who like what is here, it seems they keep on liking it. Their search for their Lost Moose, as legend would have it, is still in progress, and that’s what this book is all about.

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