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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-241-6
ISBN 10: 1-55017-241-7
20 drawings
6 x 9 - 246 pp
June 2002
CAD$24.95 • USD$24.95

A Touch of Strange

Amazing Tales of the Coast
"Tales that attain the same sort of mythic power that has made Wylie Blanchet's The Curve of Time a coastal classic."
-Pacific Yachting

Book Description

It is unlikely Hal Hammond ever dreamed his stories would achieve fame and immortality. But in the retelling of his father's stories, Dick Hammond has brought his father a wide audience twenty-six years after his death in 1975.

Hal Hammond worked as a logger, a tracker and a beachcomber during his time on the BC coast. Most of that was spent on the Sunshine Coast, which is the setting for the unusual stories and characters that return to life in A Touch of Strange.

These tales have been chiselled and smoothed by countless renditions to family and friends during a time when storytellers played the role now appropriated by television and daily life was dramatic enough that storytellers didn't have to exaggerate.

Myths, mysteries and the memorable characters that play them out are the heart of this sometimes chilling, sometimes hilarious collection of stories. Discover the bones of an old man sitting quaintly on a creek bank, twenty years after he disappeared in the woods; the charred remains of a man beneath a lone boulder on a desolate island; and the jellyfish as big as a boat that wreaks revenge on those who indulge in mindless malevolence.