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ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-197-6
ISBN 10: 1-55017-197-6
80+b/w photographs, index included
8.5 x 11 - 240 pp
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A Rich and Fruitful Land

The History of the Valleys of the Okanagan, Similkameen and Shuswap
edited by Jean Webber, compiled by Jean Webber
A Rich and Fruitful Land documents the Okanagan's transformation from a rough-and-tumble region on Canada's western frontier, into a major agricultural district and one of the fastest-growing areas in British Columbia.

Book Description

The Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia is known mostly as an ideal tourist destination - a vacationer's paradise rich with sunshine, fruit trees and luxurious beaches. But the area also has a long and fascinating history, which reaches back well before the first apple tree was planted, before the first truckload of beach sand was dumped.

The heart of the book is a selection of articles, essays, letters, diaries, memoirs and observations that first appeared in Okanagan History, a journal published by the Okanagan Historical Society for more than seventy years. Among them are Marie Houghton Brent, granddaughter of the great Chief N'Kwala, who sought to keep the history of the Okanagan Nation alive through her storytelling; Father Pat, the rugged missionary who sometimes had to rely on his own two fists for survival when dealing with rowdy locals in mining camps; and Benjamin Franklin Young, a US Civil War veteran who became one of the first Okanagan settlers to drive stagecoaches.

Their unforgettable stories have been compiled and edited by Jean Webber, whose insightful commentary combines broad historical perspective and intimate detail. Interesting, accurate and accessible, with lots of archival photographs, A Rich and Fruitful Land is a must-read for Okanagan locals, first-time visitors and BC history buffs alike.

Founded in September 1925, the Okanagan Historical Society has participated in numerous projects which commemorate the colourful history of the area, including the recording of significant events and the experiences of pioneers in its Okanagan History: The Annual Reports of the Okanagan Historical Society.