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Harbour Publishing Drops Paywall to and the KnowBC Library

Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 6:31pm is a valuable online resource for history and information regarding British Columbia. It started with the Encyclopedia of British Columbia (EBC) when it was first made available online in 2001, and since then KnowBC's catalogue has continued to expand. Now KnowBC features numerous books that cover a variety of topics including Indigenous history, marine life, natural history, British Columbia's role in World War I, and much more.

Harbour publishing is committed to supporting children, parents, retailers and educators. We know that many children and youth are facing an extended spring break with uncertainty over when normal school activities will resume. The BC Ministry of Education has recognized KnowBC’s importance as a learning resource through a licensing agreement that has made the website available to schools throughout British Columbia as part of the BC Digital Classroom Core Collection. To help support students continue to access KnowBC during this time of physical distancing, we're temporarily dropping the subscription paywall to everyone!

There are twenty digital resources available on, so you'll find everything from a history of BC written for young readers (Far West) to a comprehensive study of the Strait of Georgia (The Sea Among Us) to field guides on how to identify trees and birds of the Pacific Northwest

Whether you're a student, a parent, an educator, or an interested reader with some extra time on your hands, we invite you to access our collection and explore the richness of British Columbia from the comfort of your home computer or tablet. We hope you visit KnowBC today!

All the best from your friends at Harbour Publishing