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Nightwood Editions’ Fall 2018 Preview!

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 5:04pm

This fall, Nightwood brings back some of our favorite authors and series, revisits some essential Canadian literary conversations, and explores complicated characters, coming-of-age in rural PEI, Acadian culture and feminism with debut short story and poetry collections by emerging talent from across the country.


Featuring 2600+ Canadian clues, the 19th instalment of O Canada Crosswords offers a motherlode of national content, puns and fun. This book is bursting at the seams with hours of brain-teasing amusement.


On the West Coast, Ian Waddell’s compelling memoir, Take the Torch, takes readers on a journey through his career as a storefront lawyer, an NDP Member of Parliament, a Minister of Culture, a writer, a teacher, a film producer and more, including his incorporation of Aboriginal rights into

constitutional amendments in 1981.

Musician and novelist Kyp Harness returns with The Abandoned, which follows three teenagers drawn into a cult-like retreat. Tim, a young misfit, his first love Sherrie, and his first friend Russ are put to the test as they confront their vanishing childhood. In Difficult People, by Catriona Wright, we are forced to encounter manipulators, liars, egomaniacs, bullies, interrupters, condescenders and the like, and perhaps consider how familiar these characters may be.

Heading east, Jenna Lyn Albert’s debut poetry collection, Bec and Call, refuses to be silenced, vocalizing the social derangement of Acadian culture amidst the difficulties women encounter as a result of rape culture and anti-feminism. Also rooted in place and culture, Chris Bailey’s What Your Hands Have Done explores a life spent in a close-knit fishing family in rural PEI.

Spanning the generational spectrum, What the Poets are Doing, edited by Rob Taylor, is a compilation of conversations between millennial and Gen X poets, featuring Jordan Abel, Phoebe Wang, Dionne Brand, Steven Heighton and many more voices from 21st century poetic landscape.


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