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Harbour Publishing's Fall 2018 Preview!

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 12:09pm

This fall, Harbour Publishing is excited to present several new titles that are sure to keep you entertained as the weather gets colder.

West Coast SummerA West Coast Summer is a children’s picture book sure to charm those of all ages with gorgeous watercolours from artist Carol Evans and paired with a lilting rhyming story by Caroline Woodward. Available September 1st, it is sure to be a new favourite for all who love the stunning scenes of the West Coast.

Don't Never Tell Nobody Nothin'

For more West Coast adventure, we dive into the real story behind the prohibition-era rum running in Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ No How. This October, author Rick James delivers the story of British Columbia rum-runners who hauled much-valued cargo to their southern neighbours. As we continual to immerse ourselves in historical BC, we travel back through the history of the West Coast with Iron Road West by Derek Hayes, taking a ride through time along the western railways. Packed with images and illustrations to show how the rails impacted and shaped British Columbia, Iron Road West hits shelves in November. 

Beyond ForgettingOctober’s Beyond Forgetting is an anthology of poems dedicated to Canada’s unofficial poet laureate, Al Purdy, for what would be his 100th birthday in December. Griffin Prize shortlisted poet Russell Thornton brings forward a new collection of poems in The Broken Face, displaying an intense lyricism and mastery of craft. Check in again soon for more on our forthcoming books and events!