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Posted: February 13, 2003

Last fall, Harbour Publishing and Global Television joined forces to create a fundraising drive around one of Harbour’s lead 2002 titles—Back Alley Reporter, by well-known Global TV news reporter Mike McCardell. Little did we know how successful our fundraising efforts would be. “This year’s program completely exceeded our expectations,” says Harbour marketing managers Pamela Barclay and Marisa Alps. “We are delighted to be donating OVER $16,000 to The Variety Club this year, almost twice the amount of our donation last year.”

In 2001, more than $8,000 was raised for The Variety Club through sales of McCardell’s previous book, a memoir titled Chasing the Story God.

Back Alley Reporter is a charming collection of anecdotes, full of “un-put-downable” fun. Wherever he goes and no matter what he’s doing, author Mike McCardell finds magic in the ordinary—whether he’s trying to save his garden by hunting for leaf-eating beetles in his own backyard, contemplating the creation of a new holiday (“Garbage Day”) or musing on the lost art of washing dishes. Partial proceeds from sales of Back Alley Reporter were donated to the Variety Club—The Children’s Charity.

The Variety Club funds capital projects for hospitals and development centres, supports essential medical services, subsidizes the purchase of specialized equipment for independent living and provides support for children and families.

Since its inception in 1965, the Variety Club has raised more than $95 million to help children with special needs. Executive director Jon Stettner notes, “With extensive waiting lists, government cutbacks and higher costs of living, many of BC’s children have fallen through the cracks. Fundraising partners like Mike McCardell help us make a difference for BC’s kids.”

Mike and a Harbour representative will be appearing on The Variety Club’s “Show of Hearts” Telethon—broadcast by Global Television—on Sunday, February 16 to make their presentation to the Children’s Charity.