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Author Vivien Lougheed Visits Whitehorse

Posted: June 5, 2008

Author Vivien Lougheed will be visiting Whitehorse for a slide-show presentation and a signing of her new book Understanding Bolivia: A Traveller’s History. On Thursday June 19, Vivien will be at the Kluane National Park & Reserve’s Visitor Centre and on Wednesday June 25, Vivien will be at the Whitehorse Public Library. Both events are at 7:30pm and are free of charge.

Understanding Bolivia is a traveller’s history that chronicles Bolivia’s tangled and tumultuous history in order to expound the backbone of local cultures from the Tihuanacans and Inca to present day Aymara and Quechua. The book describes how Bolivia became the second poorest country in the Americas and how it disposed of almost 200 presidents in the same number of years. Lougheed presents insight into an indigenous, rural economy struggling with the global economy and eventually conquering American corporate control of water and gas supplies.

The book is also a history of some of the colourful characters who were attracted to the mystery and the beauty of Bolivia. The country’s isolation has long attracted both adventure seekers and those on the run. Understanding Bolivia takes over where other guidebooks end. Lougheed’s unmistakable sense of wonder, appreciation and respect for Bolivia inspire a deeply intimate and rewarding connection between the reader and this often overlooked country.