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CFL Star Matt Dunigan “Goes Deep” in Charlottetown with Football PEI

Posted: Monday, January 14, 2008

Meet the legendary Hall-of-Fame quarterback at the first annual Matt Dunigan Gala sports dinner and fundraiser for Football PEI (at the Rodd Royalty Inn) on February 9 at 7:30 pm. After dinner Matt will sign copies of his new book, Goin’ Deep.

Matt Dunigan’s gritty memoir Goin’ Deep charts the unstable and unforgiving field of professional football. Dunigan exposes the secret truths beyond the stadium, finding humour in the face of pain—an uninvited, yet ever present guest in the game, beckoning players to the sidelines.

“We all face different obstacles. What counts is how we face them.” Find out how to survive the pressure of following in the limelight of Warren Moon, the perks and persecutions of fame and football’s rights and rituals, all of which Dunigan approaches with a motto of “Bring it on!,” relishing the challenges, but feeling the weight of a quarterback’s responsibility.

From partying to parenting, college to the big leagues, Dunigan’s life has been all about guts without anesthetic. He openly talks about the struggle between family and career—the two loves of his life—and how easily it is to fumble one when your eye is on the other.