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James Barber

Posted: December 3, 2007

It is with sadness that we note the passing of James Barber, who died suddenly at his farm near Duncan BC, on November 27, at the age of 84.

Barber, best recognized as the host of the internationally acclaimed TV series The Urban Peasant  was also a prolific author. His best-selling books included One-Pot Wonders, Cooking for Two, and Ginger Tea Makes Friends. Barber’s saucy style and matchless gusto made him a favourite of cooks, and wannabe cooks, worldwide. Barber emphasized having fun in the kitchen and his irreverent humour and easy manner of food preparation made his recipes a pleasure to read and to follow.

"He was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a cookbook when he passed away," said wife Christina. "There was a pot of chicken soup on the stove."

Barber is survived by wife Christina Burridge and his five children.