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John Degen shortlisted for First Novel Award

Posted: June 15, 2007

John Degen is a finalist for the prestigious in Canada First Novel Award for  The Uninvited Guest. Only five other authors were shortlisted for this award, all of whom were selected by literary critic and freelance writer Nancy Wigston. The winner of the award will be announced in October during the annual First Novel Award event in Toronto and will take home a $7,500 prize.

The Uninvited Guest is a brave first novel that follows Canada’s national obsession with hockey beyond the cool of the arena. Degen heats up the game in a story of Romanian hockey superstars, Danish prostitutes and Russian mobsters. The Uninvited Guest tells us that some people win and some achieve success, but most people don’t—that’s just the numbers game. Failure is a guest no one invites, yet it shows up at almost every party. The gifts it brings are easy to overlook.

John Degen is the author of two highly acclaimed books of poetry, Animal Life in Bucharest and Killing Things. He is the former editor/publisher of ink magazine, and writes political commentary for THIS Magazine. John Degen lives in Toronto and works as Executive Director of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. For more information on John Degen visit: