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Winner!! 2007 IPPY Award

Posted: May 31, 2007

Hamilton, Ontario, Author David Lee Wins Gold
at the Independent Publisher Book Awards!

Chainsaws: A History by David Lee, with Mike Acres and the Chain Saw Collectors Corner (Harbour Publishing, $49.95) has won the gold for Best Regional Non-Fiction book in the Canada–West category of the 2007 IPPY Awards. These American awards recognize excellence in the independent publishing industry and honour writers all over North America.

Author David Lee has produced this groundbreaking, first-ever book on the worldwide history of the chainsaw, an invention that transformed the forest industry and eventually became the indispensable companion of country dwellers. From 600-pound steam-powered saws, to gas chainsaws mounted on wheeled carriages, to diesel chainsaws and electric chainsaws with portable generators, this book will answer questions such as why the chainsaw evolved, what the inventors did to pursue and promote their product, and how the equipment operators themselves felt about the new technology. The full roster of pioneer devices and their obsessed inventors reads like the chronicle of Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines.



 David Lee has been fascinated and frustrated by chainsaws since the early ‘90s when he moved to the Sunshine Coast and had to heat his house as cheaply as possible. He is author of Four-Wheeling on Southern Vancouver Island: Victoria to Tofino (Harbour Publishing), The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field (Mercury Press), and with Paul Bley, Stopping Time: Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz (Vehiculé Press).