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Praise for Dempster's Poetry

“I read Fire and Brimstone with great pleasure. I especially liked the quick apt metaphors catching a situation or a mood exactly . . . the combination of dark wit and child’s-eye renderings of experience.”
Don McKay

“Dempster’s vaulting imagination and skill with metaphors links them all, drawing the reader into a vivid world . . . [he brings] to his poetry an ironic eye finely taking in and detailing the quirks of human nature.”
Blaine Marchand, Arc

“. . . very astute, poignant documents which uncover history in a way an academic never could. [Letters from a Long Illness with the World takes] the artistic, creative view of an artist’s life and work and give[s] us fresh perspective and new insight.”
Kathleen McHale, Poetry Canada Review

“Steeped in both the spiritual and the sensual, Dempster’s poems delight with their fiery, original images . . . Be prepared to be challenged, but best of all, be prepared to be moved poem after poem.”
Robert Hilles

“Barry Dempster’s poetic recollections of Scarborough are a welcome addition to the Canadian literary landscape.”
Ronald Charles Epstein, The Canadian Book Review Annual

“Barry Dempster uses his precise command of metaphysical turns of phrase and vivid imagery to explore the nature of belief in the twentieth century, whether he turns his attentions to the iconoclasm of D.H. Lawrence or to the hypocrisies and naďveté of suburban religious fundamentalism. In the process, he articulates a human-scale cosmology well outside the church-going conventions of the mainstream. For Dempster it is the life force itself – in its unconditional inclusiveness – that is the Divine, and the joyous mystery.”
John Barton