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Praise for Snowshoes and Spotted Dick

"...The reader is drawn in by expressive language evoking in the imagination pictures of the breathtaking vistas, and natural surrondings...the added mystery of 'what is Spotted Dick?' is a cute grab..."
-Dawn Burnett, The Canadian Field Naturalist

"...Snowshoes and Spotted Dick enthralling tale of nature and woman, ideas and excitement. In the process of reading this book, you'll meet a rather extraordinary woman and learn what it is really like to live in the true wilderness."
-Dan Hays, Statesman Journal

"One middle-aged woman living remotely amid several thousand square kilometres of largely uninhabited B.C. wilderness. Chris Czajkowski is exceptional to say the least."
-Mike Youds, Daily News

"Oh, and about the spotted dick? Czajkowski will only say it is something she feeds to her guests at Nuk Tessli. I can tell you it's a British food (otherwise she swore me to secrecy). For an exact definition, you'll have to read the book."
-Susan Quinn, Comox Daily Record