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The Coast Independent:
In Roid Rage, by Lesley Choyce, teenager Craig discovers that his friend Ray, the fastest, most agressive member of the football team, is on steroids. Craig lets himself by talked into taking them too, and soon the two boys are football heroes and the most popular guys at school. The story is told through Craig, so the reader shares his struggle, on the one hand his desire to be popular and make his team a winner, on the other hand his growing awareness of the damage the steroids are doing to his body and his mind. "That voice at the back of my brain kept hammering at me," he says. "Never out there in the field, but in the middle of the night when I woke with another nose-bleed." When Craig tries to quit steroids, he faces a whole new set of problems, but his way of dealing with them is both realistic and inspiring for kids.
-Betty Keller,Coast Independent