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Praise for Raven Walks Around the World

"An environmental activist, educator, and intrepid traveler recounts his efforts to protect the wilderness. ...Consumed by wanderlust, he traveled to 130 countries on every continent, including Antarctica, by air, land, and sea. Lecturing on a superluxurious private ship, he reflected on his peripatetic life: 'From hitchhiking barefoot and penniless in Central America to cruising aboard the largest and most exclusive passenger vessel that continually circumnavigates the globe, I’d pretty much seen it all.' ... A celebration of nature and passionate call for stewardship of the planet."
~ Kirkus Reviews, November 2017

“Ultimately, the reader is left struck by a few things in this gem of a memoir: the evocative power of Henley’s direct and eloquent prose, the potential to effect great change through friendship and collaboration, and, above all, that serendipity and a sense of adventure are just as important in successful environmental activism as serious dedication.” ~ Philip Van Huizen, The Ormsby Review, December 15, 2018