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Praise for Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five

“By far the largest of the collections at 420 pages, Fourth Five is living proof that some things just keep getting better. Containing 32 inimitable stories, poems and articles from issues sixteen to twenty, the volume expounds on such diverse matters as supernatural deer, the cannery village of Ceepeecee, fishing-fleet superstitions and the coveted recipe for donkey boiler coffee. Writers include coast favourites Howard White, Doreen Armitage, Tom Henry, Dick Hammond, Vickie Jensen and Bus Griffiths.”
Fisherman Life

Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five allows the reader to feel the hardships and triumphs of BC men and women from the pioneer era to the modern day, and resonates with a tenacity of character and human spirit.”
—Sharon Stuart, Midwest Book Review

Fourth Five has just the right measure of irreverence that keeps local history moving. Subjects are deeply plumbed and present, with rare honesty, the several streams of our heritage… Addictive reading.”
—Sara Cassidy, Focus

“This is another must-have for the libraries of anyone fascinated by the colourful and dramatic history of the BC Coast.”
Wavelength Magazine

“Invaluable as an entertaining and a readable historical resource.”
—Cherie Theissen, Mariner Life

“Beautifully done.”
—Annie Boulanger, Burnaby NOW

“A wonderfully rich and varied account… outstanding.”
—Jocelyn Smith, BC Studies