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Praise for Inuit Journey

Time Magazine
Author Iglauer...flew to Northern Canada...learned how to walk in deep snow (bend the knees to exert a forward rather than downward thrust) and got an Eskimo name...She tells the story deliberately and unemotionally, but she provides plenty for the reader to feel emotional about.
-Time Magazine

Chicago Tribune
Mrs. Iglauer has done more than record the development of a few cooperatives. She was a sympathetic and astute observer. What she saw in these emeging peoples leaving behind the ancient nomadic ways and reaching for a better life, was an intelligent adjustment to wholly new concepts."
-The New Yorker

...the unromanticizedd story...of the efforts being made by a people 'to jump literally for their lives' into the twentieth century...a beautiful book.
-Christina Mcall Newman, Chateline

The Beaver Magazine
Whoever first suggested to Miss Edith Iglauer that she visit the Canadian Arctic deserves a medal.
-Prof. Frank G. Vallee, The Beaver Magazine