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Maisonneuve Magazine Review

"Peter Trower, though not well known east of BC, is one of our most potent poets still writing. His obscurity can be blamed largely on being pigeonholed as a "logger poet" (Trower toiled twenty-two years in the woods and in a variety of other industrial jobs). This does justice neither to Trower's talent and range, nor to the inherent drama and worth of his subjects. Trower integrates traditions of popular balladry (especially the rhymes of Robert Swanson), savvy knowledge of modernist poetics, atavistic Anglo-Saxon proclivities for alliteration and compound metaphors, and all the strange diction of the logging camp into a poetry that is smart, gutsy (often gut-wrenching) and elegiac. A selection of his best work from 1969 to the present is now conveniently available in one volume: Haunted Hills and Hanging Valleys. This book should establish Trower as the king-feller of Canadian letters that he is."
-Zach Wells, Maisonneuve Magazine