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Praise for Giant Trees of Western America and the World

“Featuring more than 40 scale drawings, this collection of giant trees outlines the intriguing characteristics of each species. Carder also describes the histories of famous trees, including the stump of a B.C. western red cedar so wide that eight men and women danced a quadrille on it in 1887. Carder’s enthusiasm and expertise informs and entertains even as he urges readers to appreciate and protect what is left of these fascinating ‘monsters of the past.’”
Nanaimo News Bulletin

Giant Trees of Western America and The World. . . is jam-packed with fascinating stories and information. It is so dense in places that it could make a tree nerd cry; I recommend tackling one or two trees at a time. This riveting book talks of the spiritual, as well as the mysterious and the strange, and includes a number of tables listing the biggest, tallest, and oldest of the world’s tree species.”
—Ralf Kelman, Common Ground

“A delightfully informative book…”
—Ron MacIssac, Victoria Island News