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Praise for Don't Never Tell Nobody Nothin' No How

“Whether or not readers are persuaded by this account of relative Canadian innocence, they are sure to enjoy this engaging slice of true crime history on the Pacific coast.” - Vancouver Sun

“[James] has done a masterful job of bringing the story together, and the result is a highly detailed, highly readable account of an industry that operated, for obvious reasons, out of the limelight.” ~ Dave Obee, Times Colonist

“Historian Rick James gives us a fresh, authoritative look on those adventurers who criss-crossed BC and Washington waters to satisfy the thirst of Americans parched by the Volstead Act, the law that enforced Prohibition… This is an informative book that’ll make a great stocking stuffer.” ~ Marianne Scott, Pacific Yachting

Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ No How is impeccably researched, and James draws on first-hand accounts from oldtime rum runners, the often-sensational newspaper coverage of the day, and his expert knowledge of the various vessels that speckled the coast – from beaten-up fishing boats to ocean-going steamers. In addition, he offers astute commentary on the parallels between the prohibition of alcohol and the regulation of recreational drugs such as marijuana. -Sir Read a Lot, March 2019

“James’ authoritative and entertaining book takes a new look at one aspect of this illicit traffic, the story of the rum-runners who smuggled booze down the Pacific Coast from British Columbia into the western states.” ~ Daniel Francis, Canada’s History