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Table of Contents

To and Fro in the Earth
The Past
History and Eternity
Laundry Day in a Fishing Town
The Game
First Job
Three Jack Spring
The Return
Day's End
Long Walks: A Poetics

Five Elegies
After Reading an Anthology of Twentieth-Century Jewish Poetry
Elegy for an Elegist
Golden Gloves
I Went into the Gardens of the Empress Hotel

The God of Animal Patience
Two Dogs
Behind Glass at Midnight
A Cup of Coffee in Solitude
Alleys in Winter
Reading My Son to Sleep
Washing the Dishes
Emptying the Mousetrap, 10 pm
Strange Encounter

Darkness and Silence
Where You Can Find Us, Spring Coming On
Watching a Lone Rider Cross the Hills of the Red Deer River Valley
Midday, Midsummer
A Rare Rain
The Ring-Necked Pheasant
Badlands Sunset
At Sunset, the Female Ring-Necked Pheasant
The Feather of a Hawk
Nine Doe
Gathering Eggs After Dark
Power Outage
The Sign on the Last Bed and Breakfast
Before Entering the Badlands